About Us

A message from our Founder,

“Our students have found meaningful advice from our organization. Our advice is data-driven, since we utilize measurable psychological and cognitive tools. Our methodology allows us to ask the right questions. Therefore, we are able to provide concrete solutions. Our students are quite diverse and unique. From students with gifted-abilities to students with special needs, our dedication to all of them is personalized. We believe in the intrinsic capabilities of each one of our students. Their needs matter to us. So, whether they are ivy-league bound or not, we have the right tools and approach to make them succeed.”

Mr. Robles holds a B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering, a M.Sc. in Information Technology, an Admissions Advising Certification and Diplomas from Stanford, Dartmouth and MIT.

He is fluent in Spanish and has basic knowledge of German. In addition, Mr. Robles holds multiple certifications in Youth Motivational Psychology, Career Advising and Personality Assessments.